Tuesday, 20 March 2018

It's March already!  I don't know where the time has gone...
Recently I have been very full-on, recovered from a minor operation which created what seemed to an incredible flare-up, short lived and then (knock on wood) a very long spate of WOW I am cured.  Yeeah right!!  But a very long spate of feeling pretty bloody fantastic.  So, I am not bragging but I am only wishing to give hope to those who think they won't have a stretch of goodness, with minimal pain.

Before my surgery my chronic pain was seriously chronic!  I mean every day I was sad and hurting, and hurting from the moment I woke up to the moment I laid down, with the distraction of work and motherhood in between to make me think maybe I wasn't hurting but Lord knows it didn't stop.  This went on for months, at least 3.  Strangely enough, the surgery I had was totally unrelated to my pain, or so I thought... my pain was in my low back persistently, my hips and my groin as well, and of course sometimes all over aching and the regular sore to touch spots.  Then as a by-product of this surgery, while the Dr's were doing their bits, they happened to remove scar tissue from my intestines, and from my spine.  I found this out by reading my discharge papers and had to google all the 'medical words' to even know what else they got up to in there.  I was super surprised they did this but in my search I found out that there is a common chronic pain caused by scar tissue on the spine!  What the heck, NO ONE EVER TOLD ME that this could be causing part of my discomfort or even suggested that it was a possibility.  Or why?!!  Im guessing it is from my c-section of my first child, or a back injury (disc related) (or maybe both)... but it was scar tissue none-the-less... I have yet to ask because I haven't had my post-op Dr appt yet, which so far I am surprised there hasn't even been a letter to advise 2 months later!  Oh the politics right?!!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'm cured, or that this was my overall problem, I know I have fibro and that I always will but who's to say this wasn't exacerbating the symptoms?!!  It's a real bummer I know, for all of us who have fibro, but it is a little slice of heaven in my eyes... something that has made me feel a heck of lot better, that I wasn't expecting and for awhile (still today) not feeling like I was in a 90 year old body, frail and delicate, achey and sore, struggling to move, and waiting for the next flare up!!  Long may it continue.

I guess it is the small things.  I'll take it!  Anything that increases my happy threshold, my healthy outlook, my future not so in pain self, I am all up for.

Go well fellow fibro'ees.  Rest well, eat healthy, enjoy any pain free moment you can!  

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

I know I have mentioned this in a previous blog, but it has come back to me after reading another Fibro blog recently and her words rung a bell within me... she, yet another person with Fibro, has also had an accident in the past resulting in whiplash.  I hunt high and low for information about Fibro, but again the percentage of articles and information is outstanding of those who have suffered with whiplash and now suffer with Fibro.

Have a read of this article I found, and prepare yourself... it is long and there are lots of big words but there are also lots of studies suggesting that whiplash has long lasting effects, long after the injury has even healed.  Once again I am not saying this is the answer, I am just saying it feels so consequential, and bloody interesting.

Food for thought:

There is plenty to read out there about Fibro and current studies, I just hope and pray that one day it will all be clear!  Just don't read the one from the Irish Neurosurgeon who says whiplash and chronic pain are all made up... that was a boring and laughable article!

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, trolling through the internet and found this:

I would take the time to also read through Dr Liptan's studies as well.  Sounds like she has put her whole heart and soul into studying Fibro.

It says a lot about someone when they take the time to recommend a PAIN TOOLKIT (see link above) and I for one am off to purchase and follow these instructions.  Thanks Dr Liptan!!

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Well, this proves to be a very interesting read and something to think about:

It is a scientific study that really rings true to many of the varying symptoms ranging from one fibromyalgia sufferer to another... and why is there such a strong correlation to clusters of symptoms i.e. Irritable Bowel Syndrome etc.

I always feel like I am learning more and more about the possibilities of causes and reasons for Fibromyalgia, and the pain and suffering of this syndrome!  I hope that the scientists (such as these in this study) continue to try and put 2 and 2 together for chronic conditions.  It is not easy not knowing, and not easy when people have preconceived ideas about Fibro or any other condition that doesn't have a 'disease' branding (ie. therefore not real in the medical world). 

It just proves that we don't know as much as we think about our bodies, in this article it explains the hundreds of thousands of unknown bacteria we have in and on our bodies.  Some say we don't even know the life cycle of them.  Also that we didn't think they could transfer DNA to one another... there is so much more to learn!!

Monday, 25 December 2017

Pain on Christmas day.  Crappy!  I don't know what to think about having to feel crap on Christmas day, and having a brave face through it all.  It is difficult to slink away and rest, or be sore... I don't want the attention!  Do you?  I don't want to feel bad about it, but what the 'f' does one do?  Do you get tired of making excuses?  Everyone I was with knows I have fibro, but do you wanna be 'that person'?  I HATE having to feel sore, and then tired from being sore, and then tired because I can't sleep but still do the stuff of a mother and wife so everyone doesn't feel bad or worried... it is such a vicious crappy, sad cycle!  So my first base is to just go with the flow, second base, smile and nod, third base wince and maybe have an extra gin LOL!!  What else can you do?  Ha!

Everyone has their pain.  I guess I just feel like it could be worse right?  I'm really tired of being sore when I flare which has been pretty intense lately.  The weather, the energy when it is about to storm and you can feel it in every joint in your body... it is like when cat's and dog's know there is about to be an earthquake, they are the first to disappear and hide... well I know when a storm is coming because I hurt like hell.  It is not a fallacy that is for sure.  My sister is the same and she lives in a different country... it hurts more than ever!

I am sure that I have said in the past I don't want to whine while I blog, but today, today I have decided to have a whine.... and well, not to mention a few wine too!!  I don't know what to say to regular people... that don't know what it is like to hurt EVERY SINGLE DAY... in some way, shape or form.  What can you say?  No one gets it but you.  Other fibro and chronic pain sufferers... to feel pain of some level every day... it is like a story that you don't quite know how to explain, and can't remember if the main character turned right or left, or was it 2 months or 4 months, did they fight or make up... it is a bloody jumble after awhile because the pain seems to run the show... I am going to take time again to read more and try and be more mindful and beat the crap out of the flares, and the daggers of fibro!!!  

Today is Christmas day, and today I say F-you fibromyalgia!!!!

Go well readers and fellow fibro sufferers!  Happy holidays to you.

Monday, 27 November 2017

I came across this very interesting article, great for those newly diagnosed and those who just want all the cards on the table.

Once again, reference to pinched nerves in the spinal cord, which intrigues me, in particular the percent of sufferers that have spinal, neck and back pain history and have fibromyalgia: